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Kirkwoodgolf was started by Gillian Kirkwood, pictured right, in April 2002, initially to report on student golf and follow the progress and successes of young Scottish female golfers at college in the United States.

Aberdeen-based golf reporter, Colin Farquharson, quickly saw the potential and began contributing, and now the site covers all Ladies, Junior, Senior, Veteran, Student and Amateur golfing news.

The kirkwoodgolf site has a slightly female Scottish bias but nevertheless has a world-wide following of loyal readers of both sexes, many people stumbling on it through Google and becoming firmly hooked by the eclectic mixture of up-to-the-minute golf news, quirky stories and appealing pictures of Gillian's grandchidren. The site acts as a portal to many other golf-related sites of interest, and many readers have it as their home page. The constantly updated diary format and volume of news stories which go up every day ensure a loyal and returning readership of knowledgeable golfers.

We are often asked about the number of hits the site receives. In 2015 we had over 800,000 page views clocked between 1 January and 31st December. We've had over 4 million page views since we started.

If you put "student golf news" into Google, KirkwoodGolf is top of the list
If you put "ladies golf news" into Google, KirkwoodGolf is 5th

As you would expect, the majority of our readership is from the UK, but we also get many hits from the USA, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain and China.


ScottishGolfView started in May 2006 with Colin Farquharson, pictured right, as the Editor, and Gillian Kirkwood as the Webmaster.
It is an even more comprehensive golfing website, covering all Scottish golf and golfers and appealing to both men and women.

We orginally envisaged it as a monthly webzine with a HotNews section similar to kirkwoodgolf, but soon realised that the diary/weblog format was its main appeal, and turned it round so that the front page of breaking news is the first thing that the reader sees.

The Editor and main contributor Colin Farquharson provides a huge amount of golfing reports for the site, and his enthusiasm for getting golfing news out to the public has been rewarded by a growing fan-base who are hungry for golf news that they can relate to and which is not satisfied by the conventional press.

ScottishGolfView has built up a regular dedicated following, and now has an even bigger readership than kirkwoodgolf as its successful formula has become better known.

In 2015 we had over 1,500,000 page views, with a peak on 178667 in August. We have passed the 7 million mark in page hits since the website started.

If you put "scottish golf news" into Google, ScottishGolfView is top of the list.

Audience stats are similar to KirkwoodGolf except that Norway features fourth!

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